Scriptural Basis of Modalism [Oneness Theology] in Early Christianity

In 325 C.E., the Council of Nicaea came together to answer a big fundamental question: “Who is Jesus Christ and how does he fit into the godhead?” There were many winds of doctrine floating about during the third and fourth centuries, all of which thought that they had correctly answered that question. Modalism, made popular by Libyan theologian Sabellius, sought out to answer the question of the godhead, providing a dogma based on biblical scripture that would contradict the catholic-orthodox view of Trinitarianism.

9 Reasons NOT to Become a Missionary

With NAYC starting up this week, I know that many young people are going to be praying for direction in their ministries. Without a doubt, I know some of those young people are going to feel the call to foreign missions. With that, I wanted to give you a list of 9 reasons that you … Continue reading 9 Reasons NOT to Become a Missionary